Sales Driving & Advertising, Online Training

Learn how to use Your Website, Google, Youtube & Facebook to drive sales for your business.

Most courses teach only about advertisng options - what options you have and where to find them. This does not help to get good results at all.

We do the above but more importantly we train you & also teach:

  • how SALES process works & how to use it,
  • how to use WEBSITE to DRIVE SALES,
  • how to modify your WEBSITE to increase SALES,
  • what are main online SALES DRIVERS,
  • what will influence YOUR SALES,
  • how to optimize for MORE SALES,
  • what works for Small Business,
  • how things really work (recommended ≠ good for you),
  • how to set it up to get the most out of it,

Important to know:

  • training is thought from a Small Business perspective,
  • training is based on over 10 years experience (20 if we count old school) in Small Business,
  • experience was gathered in Ireland & in the UK,
  • training is relevant to developed economies (EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia),

To Drive Sales for your Small Business you have four options:

  • start on your own with no experience or knowledge (failure guaranteed),
  • hire experienced professional to do that for you (most small business owners cannot afford it),
  • spend 150 hours on Youtube trying to learn things that may not even work,
  • do sales driving & advertising training and learn what works and what does not work for Small Business,

A few hours training may save you from a lot of costly mistakes:

  • website with wrong layout & no proper calls to action will not work for your business
  • some “simple” settings in Google Ads campaign may double your costs or cut of 30% of prospect customers,
  • lack of optimized landing page may reduce number of sales leads even 10 times,
  • using video to advertise a wrong type of small business will not generate any leads,
  • some small businesses are simply born to use Facebook, others are not,

The sales driving & advertising course:

  • over 10 hours of videos and other materials,
  • has new elements added constantly,
  • focuses on what is relevant (what works) for Small Business, 
  • will save you time and money,

In the price (discounted or not) you will get 1-year access to existing and newly published materials. You can cancel ANY TIME.

Duration: 1 year
Price: €210.00