Small Business Advertising - Online Course

This course is not an overview of advertising features  in Google, Youtube or Facebook (as many other courses are). On the contrary I teach about what works and what does not work for Small Business and how you a Small Business owner can use it to your benefit. Everything is thought from a Small Business perspective.

This course is based on over 10 years experience in Small Business Advertising.

The Course is relevant to developed economies (EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia) because the experience was gathered in Dublin, Ireland, which has a populations of about 1 million people. A competition in mentioned above countries is very strong and has a similar structure, so your Small Business challenges will be almost the same.

To advertise your Small Business you have three options:

  • start advertising yourself with no experience or knowledge (failure guaranteed),
  • hire experienced professional to do that for you (most small business owners cannot afford it),
  • do advertising training and learn what works and what does not work for small business,

A few hours training may save you from a lot of costly mistakes:

  • some “simple” settings in Google Ads campaign may double your costs or cut of prospect customers,
  • lack of optimized landing page may reduce number of sales leads 5 or even 10 fold,
  • using video to advertise a wrong type of small business will not generate any leads,
  • some small businesses are simply born to use Facebook, others are not,

This course has about 8 hours of videos and other materials. I focus on what is relevant (what works) to Small Business so you will not have to spend 50 or 80 hours to learn things that you do not need and will never use. There are countless Facebook & Youtube strategies out there that you may waste your time learning, just to find out that you cannot apply them to your business. All your get form those strategies is confusion and wasted time & money (if you paid for them). In addition there are many Youtube videos that present strategies that no longer work! But how could you know? As an example - most of Search Engine Optimization information available for free is completely worthless.

We often add new elements, when either new important information is available or something has changed drastically. Currently we are working on additional videos about SEO, Facebook & Youtube, which will be added in the near future.

In the price (discounted or not) you will get 1 year access to existing and newly published materials.